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Why Should You Use a Security System for Your Apartment?

The advantages of having a home security system may be obvious, but for apartment residents in Connecticut, those same benefits also stand. Alarming Ideas, a commercial and residential security system company in North Stonington, has put together the top three reasons why apartment managers and individual renters should consider investing in security systems: Deter Burglars […]

5 Things to Look for in a Home Security Company

If you’ve decided to strengthen your home security by installing cameras, you’ll find there are many varieties available. Determining which one is best suited to your needs will take time, research, and expertise. The home security experts at Alarming Ideas in North Stonington, CT, specialize in equipping homeowners and businesses with the latest technology in video […]

4 Reasons to Protect Your Home With a Burglar Alarm

Alarming Ideas Security Systems glass break dectector

Installing a burglar alarm is essential to your personal security. A security system is easily one of the most valuable investments you can make as a homeowner. Residents of southeastern Connecticut turn to Alarming Ideas for top-quality residential and business security products. You can get by without a burglar alarm—but choosing to purchase one can […]

The Best Places to Install Security Cameras Around Your Home

Alarming Ideas -a set of security motion detector lights.

Installing security cameras around your home is an excellent way to protect your family against burglars. Before installing the cameras, ask yourself which areas around your home are most vulnerable? When it comes to security equipment, Alarming Ideas offers the latest security system technology for homeowners in southeastern Connecticut, including security cameras and video surveillance […]