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5 Things to Look for in a Home Security Company

If you’ve decided to strengthen your home security by installing cameras, you’ll find there are many varieties available. Determining which one is best suited to your needs will take time, research, and expertise. The home security experts at Alarming Ideas in North Stonington, CT, specialize in equipping homeowners and businesses with the latest technology in video surveillance systems and burglar alarms.

When buying security cameras, they recommend finding a home security specialist to help you better understand the different systems available. However, choosing a home security company shouldn’t be as simple as selecting the first one in your online search results. Before you hire a company, consider these factors:

  • Their Reputation: Solid home security companies will have positive reviews on websites, such as the Better Business Bureau. They’ll also have no problem referring you to past customers. If choosing a local company, ask your family and friends for suggestions.
  • The Services They Offer: Most home security companies offer similar services, but not all specialize in the latest technology for security cameras. Make sure the company you’re considering offers installation, testing, and maintenance with your purchase.
  • Their Inventory: There are many security camera options available, including wireless, infrared, indoor, and outdoor models. Alarming Ideas offers everything from hidden cameras to dome cameras for mounting on the ceiling.
  • Their Service: Whether you buy security cameras alone or as part of an entire video surveillance system, the company you’ve hired should make sure the equipment is operational and that you know how to work it before they leave.
  • Warranties: One of the first questions on your list should be whether or not your purchase comes with a warranty. Reputable home security companies will gladly replace or repair equipment that doesn’t work properly. Alarming Ideas offers an exclusive 10-year warranty on everything they sell.

Alarming Ideas has a home security system to fit every budget and need, and their technicians are available 24 hours for emergency service. Not sure what type of system to buy? Call (860) 887-2121 or visit them online to get a free quote. One of their security specialists will be happy to answer your questions.